7 Things Every Guard Person does without Thinking about It.

Like dancers, band kids, and really any other activity, there are certain quirks that every color guard member subconsciously does. Whether it is compiling a mental list of every “real life” story involving color guard, or training their non-guard friends to walk in step with them, guard folks have a unique MO.

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 things every color guard member does whether they think about it or not…

1. They spin everything.

Broomsticks, hockey sticks, pretzel sticks, yard sticks, drum sticks, pens, pencils, spatulas, vacuum attachments, rakes, shovels, umbrellas, fallen tree limbs. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it can be spun like a flag (or rifle or sabre) guard folks will find a way to spin it.

2. They walk in step with everyone, all the time.

…And train their non-band friends who don’t walk in time with them. Because why wouldn’t you?

3. They point their toes. Always.

Whether sitting in class, stretching, working out, or reaching for something in a far away place, guard folks are notorious for pointing their toes whenever their feet leave the ground. It’s a fact of life…your foot leaves the ground, you must point it.

4. They have a playlist of songs they want to perform a show to.

…And it’s usually a very eclectic mix. Their favorite rap songs, love ballads, T. Swift singles, Disney music, and more, all on playlists titled “Winterguard Showssssssssss,” “Generally Effective Songs,” “Future Guard Tunes,” etc.

5. They have loyal attachments to all their old shows.

Don’t lie. Anytime your winterguard show from 3 seasons ago comes on the radio, everyone starts singing, your group starts air flagging, or you find yourself performing to strangers in the middle of the grocery store. Old shows never die!

6. They take pride in their “battle wounds.”

Because only in color guard are bruises, scrapes, sunburns, and other minor athletic-related injuries seen as a badge of honor. That double parallel, catch in the silk, body roll trick didn’t just happen through osmosis after all.

7. They apply everything they learn in school to color guard.

Did you know that you can apply the concepts of momentum, potential/kinetic energy, gravity, and more to color guard? That rhythms and syncopated beats are fractions of the whole count? If not, we may have just helped you pass Algebra and Physics! Speech class wouldn’t be complete without at least 1 demonstrative speech on how to spin a flag. No matter how much guard folks like or dislike their classes, they are masters at applying what they do in guard with what they learn in other disciplines. And that’s pretty neat!

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