Elite Rifles & Accessories

Living up to their name, the Elite rifle series outperforms and outsells competitors year after year, and it is clear why.

DEPENDABLE. Elite Rifles are spun by the world’s top drum corps, high school, college, and
winter guards.

PERSONALIZED. A variety of options in sizing, accessory color, and strap material, allowing you to outfit your rifle line with a product that will challenge them. No matter which model you choose, this series outperforms the rest because it offers exactly what your color guard needs.

Elite Rifles – Sizing

Elite 5 (37.5″ long with a 4.75″ butt plate)
Elite 4 (39″ long with a 5″ butt plate)
Elite 3 (36″ long with a 4.25″ butt plate)
Elite 2 (39″ long with a 4.25″ butt plate)

Black Bolt, Black Leather Strap
Silver Bolt, White Leather Strap

All Elite Rifles are available with choice of bolt color (black, silver, gold) and choice of strap (black leather, white leather, black web strap) or no strap.

Elite 5 (37.5″)

No Strap
SKU: RI780
Price: $44.00

Leather Strap
Price: $52.50

Web Strap
SKU: RI782
Price: $47.50

Elite 4 (39″)

No Strap
SKU: RI775
Price: $44.00

Leather Strap
SKU: RI776
Price: $52.50

Web Strap
SKU: RI777
Price: $47.50

Elite 3 (36″)

No Strap
SKU: RI770
Price: $40.25

Leather Strap
SKU: RI771
Price: $48.25

Web Strap
SKU: RI772
Price: $44.00

Elite 2 (39″)

No Strap
SKU: RI765
Price: $40.25

Leather Strap
SKU: RI766
Price: $51.00

Web Strap
SKU: RI767
Price: $45.75

Elite PRO 3 (36″)

Leather Strap
SKU: RI771
Price: $71.50

Bolt color (black, silver, gold)

Elite PRO 4 (39″)

Leather Strap
SKU: RI766
Price: $74.75

Bolt color (black, silver, gold)

Rifle Taping

Get your Elite Rifle pre-taped from the factory with our rifle taping service. Every pre-taped rifle comes reinforced with strapping tape and vinyl tape which is applied before the rifle bolt is attached to the rifle.

Price: $14.25 per rifle

Watch this video to see how to properly tape your Elite Rifle.

702 Plain Stock Rifle (34″)

No bolt or strap. Painted white and includes nose and butt plate. 34″ in length.

SKU: RI702
Price: $29.25

Arc 1 Rifle (37.5″)

This “non-weapon” twirling prop is a great alternative for programs operating under more restrictive school codes, or for guards who want to add a fresh and modern look to their performance. The Arc 1’s new unique and modern design includes a more contoured shape and a rounded end minus the bolt and strap, making it feel like a rifle without looking like one. The bottom line: the Arc 1 delivers the same function, feeling, and fierce appearance as our rifles.

Price: $32.75

Rifle Accessories

A. Leather Strap Kit (black or white)
Price: $15.00

B. Black Web Strap Kit (not shown)
Price: $5.75

C. Rifle Bolt (black, silver, gold)
Price: $9.00

D. Butt Plate (black or white)
Price: $1.60

E. End Pad (black or white)
Price: $1.60

F. Strapping Tape (1/2”) | RATASTHI | $8.25
Strapping Tape (1”) | RATASTOI | $11.50
Strapping Tape (2”) | TARASTTI | $17.00

G. Vinyl Tape (1″ x 66′)
Price: $7.75

Souvenir Mini-Rifle (26″)

A mini version of our 702 rifle

At 26” long, the Souvenir Rifle provides a sizable option for kids who are learning to spin at an early age. The rifle has no bolt or strap, identifying it as a spinning prop more than a color guard rifle. Additionally, these rifles make perfect senior mementos!

Price: $27.00

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