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Selecting the Perfect Rifle

Choosing a rifle that compliments the age, experience, and size of your colorguard can be complicated business. Where do you start? What options are available? What if your group has a unique variety of spinners? What if the school board doesn’t approve of the equipment?When I first began spinning rifle I was in 7th grade […]

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Spotlight Series: New Face, Same Heart – The Unity Project

For The Cadets, this year has jump started an era of starting new and moving forward as an organization. Through their tribulations, The Cadets have grown stronger and more unified than ever, and the establishment of this new identity is the foundation for their 2018 production The Unity Project. A last minute decision for the corps, […]

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Spotlight Series: What all the Babble’s About

I’m living in an age, that calls darkness light, though my language is dead, still the shapes fill my head.”  -Peter Gabriel, “My Body is a Cage”The story of Babylon follows a united society riddled with greed. They built a tower to the heavens in an attempt to gain the ultimate power. When God became […]

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