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The Percussionist MO: 7 Things They All Do

Percussion: the heart of the ensemble. The rhythm of the band. In regards to practice, they are (have to be) the most diligent section. Whether we want to hear their diddles or not, we can always rely on percussionists to drop us a great beat.Equinox Percussion performs for the SuperBowl LIII halftime show.1. They find […]

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7 Things Every Guard Person does without Thinking about It.

Like dancers, band kids, and really any other activity, there are certain quirks that every color guard member subconsciously does. Whether it is compiling a mental list of every “real life” story involving color guard, or training their non-guard friends to walk in step with them, guard folks have a unique MO.  We’ve compiled a […]

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“We are all band kids.”

Greendale offered a bear to the student affected by the accident. The bear is still with her as she recovers.Greendale, WI – “Marching band is about so much more than what happens between the goal lines on Friday nights and weekends” read the Facebook post of the Greendale HS Band this last September. Only a […]

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