Gearing Up! for the 2018 Music for All Summer Symposium

Muncie, IN - On Monday, June 25, 2018 approximately 1,900 passionate, driven musicians and performers, instructors, staff, and SWAGS will take over Ball State University to participate in a week of nonstop “positively life-changing experiences.” The Music For All Summer Symposium has provided opportunities for middle and high school aged students to grow as performers, leaders, and community members for over 40 years, and this year’s camp is sure to be one for the books.

DSI is particularly excited to spend the week with the Summer Symposium color guard track and Color Guard Instructor Academy (CGIA). During the week, we will be meeting and supporting approximately 150 high school spinners, a record-breaking 62 CGIA campers, and the 11 most energetic color guard instructors we know. This year marks the 5th year DSI has sponsored the track. Jeff Dyson, DSI VP of Marketing elaborates:

Originally, Susie Harloff reached out to us and asked if we could help her grow the guard track by providing a few DSI products and/or t-shirts. After speaking with Susie about her vision for the program, we decided to provide t-shirts for the entire guard as well as flags that the campers could keep. We also...offered products for “spirit awards” [such as] “most improved” or “best attitude” [which were] chosen each day by the MFA guard staff.

Historically, DSI has provided T-shirts and practice flags to all campers which are used for their Saturday performance event. We’ve given rifles and gloves to the Master Class and awarded daily giveaways to students who go above and beyond. We’ve also provided “colorguard starter kits” to CGIA members, including an Excalibur Sabre, Elite Rifle, flag pole and flag, weight anchor kit, and Ever-Dri gloves. Additionally, DSI hosts a staff and director social each year at one of the many local restaurants on campus. And according to a number of attendees, it has become “the social event to attend.”

But what makes a true partnership is more than what a sponsor alone can provide. It fosters mutual benefit from and for both organizations who enjoy working with each other. DSI has always worked toward offering “tremendous value to both MFA and the students who attend camp,” Dyson states. The staff and members show their gratitude each day, and their word of mouth is largely beneficial to the DSI name. It is reward alone to see the smiles of a camper whose enthusiasm has awarded him a brand new, top of the line Excalibur. When an entire Master Class is gifted a rifle or a pair of properly fitted gloves, they stand a little taller, a little prouder. We are proud of the relationship we have with MFA. Harloff expresses that “we [feel] like we [have] someone taking care of us.”

This year DSI will provide free t-shirts and flags to the campers as well as Elite Rifles for the Master Class and CGIA. Because DSI values education and supports the students in the activity, we will continue to support MFA with corporate sponsorship and the Summer Symposium for many years to come.

About the Author Danielle Lavrenz

Danielle Lavrenz lives for pageantry and the marching arts. Passionate about colorguard, she has marched since she was in 7th grade. She marched with the Morton High School band program for a total of 6 years, including 3 years in their circuit-level winterguard. She was a 4 year camper at the Music for All Summer Symposium and marched in the 2009 Bands of America Tournament of Roses Parade Honor Band. She went on to attend Murray State University, where she studied English Education, was an active member in the MSU Racer Band, and was devoted to her sisters in the Sigma Alpha Iota music fraternity. She marched with The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps in 2010, 2011, and 2014 as well, earning a bronze and gold metal during her tenure. She has teched, choreographed, and directed for Marshall County High School, Calloway County High School, Bethel University, Morton High School, Waukesha North High School, and Greendale High School. Geier is a member of the DSI Marketing Team and currently resides in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where she teaches at Greendale High School. She is also a staff member at the Music For All Summer Symposium.

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