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Top performers from around the globe trust DSI products

​Drum corps, colleges, high schools, and winter guards from around the globe choose DSI products over any other marching band accessories or color guard equipment. Our exceptional quality and service ensure that you will have the best products in the fastest time so you can perform your best.

​Top US Drum Corps

​13 of the top 14 US drum corps wear DSI marching footwear and every top drum corps uses one or more DSI products.

Drum Corps using DSI products

High School Marching Bands

​High school marching bands from around the US, including many top finalists from Bands of America Grand Nationals use DSI products.

Serving marching bands from around the world including:

US, Canada, Japan, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Columbia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy

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